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The Board

The Trust Board oversees the work of the organisation and is legally responsible for setting our strategic direction in line with national policy, and ensuring that its duties and obligations are carried out effectively. Our Board comprises a Chairman, five Non-executive Directors, and five Executive Directors, including the Chief Executive.

The Non-executive Directors are;

  • Phil Edgington – Chair
  • Gil Black - Non-executive Director
  • David Teale - Non-executive Director
  • Alison Hastings - Non-executive Director
  • Professor Mark Baker - Non-executive Director
  • Debbie Francis - Non-executive Director

The Executive Directors are;

  • Ann Farrar - Interim Chief Executive
  • Barney Schofield - Director Operations & Transformation/ Acting Deputy Chief Executive
  • Dr Sheena Khanduri - Medical Director
  • Sheila Lloyd - Director of Nursing and Quality
  • John Andrews - Acting Finance Director
  • Heather Bebbington - Director of Workforce and Organisational Development

Further information about our Board members including biographies can be found here.

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